H&M Denim - A look at 3 new styles

So usually if you spot me in denim jeans, they'll be high waisted and super skinny, well it's nice to break things up now and again right? Well yes there is still one pair which are skinny, I just couldn't help myself! For these three jeans I opted for different vibes to the styling, relaxed, retro and chic. Let me talk you through them below.

The Boyfriend
For me these relaxed, laid back boyfriend jeans break the norm from my usual preferences of high waisted and skinny, I have a long torso and short legs so my usual ideal of the high waisted skinnies gives the illusion of longer legs and more of a balance to my shape. But I do feel sticking with my go to of a cropped top there is still a good balance to my proportions, as it helps shorten my torso and flashes the waist to still give me some shape. If anything these jeans hit you at such a good point they actually make your waist look even smaller! If you worry that a low rise will make your legs appear shorter then simply add heels, strappy ones work so well with these.

For this outfit I played on contrasting textures and patterns, the speckles in the cardigan, the rib detailing on the top against the rips in the jeans. I think they all tie in well together for their muted earthy tones.

I feel I'm channeling Hey Claire vibes, laid back but still very much girly with the minimal heels and statement necklace. These jeans also look amazing with boots, just make sure the roll sits above the top if you're wanting the illusion of a bit more length to your leg.

These are seriously versatile jeans, dress them down with a relaxed plain white tee tied at the bottom, trainers, few bits of jewellery and you'd good to go for that "hardly made an effort but looking awesome still" look. I think the wash is perfectly suited to this style, looks laid back and goes with everything. To me I could easily see a girl rocking them in LA with a plaid shirt tied around her waist.

The Flare
Now these flared jeans are so flattering! I really feel the flare helps slim down the appearance of the tops of your legs and makes your butt look amazing too! These ones in particular are regular waist, but due to their length I didn't mind as they make your legs look super long anyway. They do also have these in a high waisted option if that's your preference. I almost opted for a cropped white long sleeve turtle neck but couldn't resist going for double denim! This trend is very in at the moment, previously feeling quite 80's/90's but with those flares it's very much in the 70's! I think contrasting shades of denim work best for doubling them up as it helps prevent them becoming matchy matchy.

This outfit feels like it's very considered and the most mature of the three. I feel it's something blogger Negin Mirsalehi would wear, someone who's style I'm becoming obsessed with lately btw! I think these denim shades go so well with brown, although now I need to get a bag to go along with it. Ah yes that certain brown designer bag everyone is getting would go rather nicely, I can dream right!

For a more boho look you could wear a white floaty long sleeve top and add a fedora for a more girly take on the flared jean. For a festival you could opt for bralet and braid your hair, as your legs would be covered you could get away with showing a little more on top you see ;)

Now for us shorter ladies you'll have to find your tallest heels to wear with these as they do come up long, but then oh my do they make your legs look good!

The Shaping Skinny Jean
 These shaping skinny jeans are an absolute delight to me as they come in different leg lengths, hallelujah! 30inch, 32inch, 34inch, they got your covered! If they are still a little too long, no worries just fold them up inside or roll them up depending on your desired look. If they come up a little short, that looks awesome too and helps make your legs look longer!

If you're wanting jeans to help suck you in then these are amazing, if you aren't necessarily looking for that, but want skinny jeans to actually retain their shape, then these jeans are amazing. My main struggle with the never ending search for the perfect pair of skinnies is that after a day of wearing them or a few hours of sitting in them they stretch out so bad. But these have got you covered!

I wear black skinnies so often for everyday looks, so thought I'd try a more smart yet casual outfit this time. Dressed up easily with a shirt and heels, but adding a pop of colour in through the jacket to keep it fun. What I love about black jeans is that they are a great base to build up an outfit from, I'd go as far to say they are the most versatile jean out there. They go with everything, will forever be in fashion and are so easily dressed up or down, for day or night. 

As they are so form fitting and flattering I like to wear these with looser fitting tops tucked into the jeans, this also helps make your waist appear smaller, adding more shape to your figure.

You shouldn't be afraid of trying out a new jean style, lets embrace opening up our wardrobes to something new, creating new outfits and pushing our own personal style a little.

Introducing the 6 new denim styles for the new season from H&M. From ankle grazer to boyfriend fit, there is a denim fit and style to suit you this AW15. Shop the new collection now: http://www.hm.com/gb/products/ladies/jeans

So which new styles will you try this season? Share them with #HMDenim and #HMBloggers.

Compensation was provided by H&M via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions positions of H&M.

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Grey ombré, but into what colour?!

So can you guess what I’m going to announce in this post? I’m changing my hair colour yet again!

I’m teaming up with lovely people at Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour for a fresh new look as part of their next LIVE Colour Lookbook campaign! I had so much fun working with them on their previous campaign -- have you checked that out at all? Look up the hash tag #LIVELookbook in case you missed it! Well, all your feedback from that has been amazing so I was delighted to have the opportunity again!

Of course I’m sticking with the pastel as well because that’s my thing, right!? It’s easy to change up if I get the urge, and well we all know I have that urge often! Pastels fade out quite easily, depending on the shade, so if you fancy a change you can let it fade out over washes, or tone it out with a platinum blonde toner to get an even base for the new colour. 

So what’s my next look you might be wondering? Firstly if you’ve been following me on my social platforms you’ll of seen I currently have grey hair, and I love that! I get so many compliments, even from random strangers asking how to achieve it. Grey seems to be a little more uncommon really and I love that. BUT I have to admit I’m missing a little bit of colour. So keeping with the grey, I want to add turquoise this time, so an ombr√© perhaps? That way I can easily add coloured extensions to match the lower colour and be a mermaid in an instant! I love the whole ashy tones of these colours and feel they compliment my skin tone best. I’m so used to these tones I find it doesn’t restrict me in my outfit choices.

I find achieving the perfect shade so hard, how to I keep the colour even? It cannot be just me right?! I can’t wait to learn lots of colouring tips from Schwarzkopf LIVE to share with you. Make sure you also check out livecolour.com for some hints on colouring and new inspiration! 

This post was kindly sponsored by Schwarzkopf LIVE
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Let's talk body confidence and boob jobs

So a change is about to happen, something you’ll probably notice. As I’m someone online it’s not something I can really hide so I wanted to be honest and upfront about it, in hopes it could help at least one person out there. I’m very soon about to have a breast augmentation at Transform with Mr Meleagros, to some this may be quite a surprise as online I’ve not necessarily expressed my body conscious issues about this part of me. Above is the only picture of me EVER in a low cut dress braless, I only posted this on Instagram as the side lighting is rather flattering.

So why am I getting this done you might be wondering? Well I’ve always been insecure about this part of me since I was a teenager. When changes started happening with all my friends, I wasn’t quite changing in the same way. In my group of girl friends we had all started our periods apart from one. I remember her saying to the group, “Well why haven’t I started, Leanne’s not even got her boobs yet.” So everyone was aware I was a bit different. I felt conscious enough going through high school as I was so tiny, in both height and frame. If you think I’m slim now, you should of seen me then. On occasions I’d been out with friends and had random strangers shout anorexic at me. That was how it was, I was naturally very slim and I was always made very aware of this by most around me leading to me having body conscious issues about most of myself. Fast forward to getting older and dating, I hated guys seeing that part of me, they didn’t ever care about the size to be honest, it was how I felt which made me feel uncomfortable. When something starts effecting your personal life, effecting your choices on what clothes to wear, struggling on finding bras that fit, you just end up not really liking it. I just want to be more in proportion with the rest of my shape as I do have curves around the hips. As I've got older I've felt far more confident with the rest of my body as my shape changed and I realised how to dress for my proportions to make me feel good.

I’ve always avoided low cut tops as I’ve never seen the point in trying to show that area, there’s nothing there and if people looked I would get self conscious thinking they were judging me, or thinking where are her boobs?! I have lots of lovely low back dresses but cannot really wear them out as the thought of going braless in public panics me. You might think, well small boobs you don’t need to wear a bra with it. If I do that though I feel as flat as an ironing board. I wear bras really to make it look like there’s something there. I’ve tried those stick on bras, but erm there’s not really anything for it to stick on to so they just move around and it looks ridiculous. If I'm wearing a bra it's most certainly padded, all fine until people want to do to the beach, then I feel highly uncomfortable, usually going for a bandeau style top rather than triangle.

I get asked what bra size I am, I think a 30B, I did measure myself last week and it’s what I’ve been wearing for the past couple of years. I’ve never been “professionally measured” as I’m basically afraid of being told I’m not a bra size. Slightly ridiculous but hey that’s the truth. Saying a B makes it sound like there’s more there than there is. To put it into context a 32A is too big for me, the band is too loose and I do not fill out the cup. There’s nothing wrong with small boobs, I think they look amazing on other people! But the main thing is that the person is happy with what they have, whilst I on the other hand have never been. 

I’ve always wished they were larger, not necessarily via a boob job as I had so many preconceptions about how they’d look if I’d of gone down that route. I kept thinking, well maybe they will grow, I could still develop. Well I’m soon turning 26 so that’s all the growing I’m going to do! Previously when I thought of someone having a boob job it conjured up images of people who’d gone too big, where they didn’t look proportionate with the rest of their body, where they clearly looked done and fake. In the media they always focused on surgery which is of that sort. If I thought nose job I would think Michael Jackson, where the bridge is too narrow and overall again the finished look appeared to be fake. But in reality this isn’t always the case. So many people get plastic surgery and for lots you wouldn’t necessarily even noticed when meeting them.

I started changing my mind about having them done upon following two youtuber’s journeys as they went through theirs. First was Grace who lives in America, her’s were under the muscle. A month or so late then Sarah had hers, over the muscle. I found it so helpful watching their videos and learnt a lot about a procedure I’d always misjudged, it was also interesting seeing the differences in their recoveries too. I started thinking about getting it done, but worried implants just wouldn’t fit. Even last night when I spoke to my Dad about having this done, he said I probably didn’t have room. But watching Sarah’s journey, where she started off around the same size as me, though a little bigger, but she had enough space and she had seriously amazing results even just after producer. I’ve actually seen hers in real life 6 weeks post op and I was amazed at how natural they looked. 

In ways it’s been easier to talk my parents round into understanding why I want it done as I can literally show Sarah’s before and afters. Again they first imagined I would go too big and they’d look fake, but showing Sarah’s results really changed their minds. They knew I was going to the same place and getting the same surgeon so I think it really helped reassure them. They knew how insecure I was about them, they knew it wasn’t a whim and they support my decision.

So the point I’m at. I’ve had one consultation, I’ve been made aware of any complications, I’ve filled in medical forms about my history. I’ve met Mr Meleagros where he took measurements to assess me. Great news there’s enough tissue so I can go above the muscle which seriously surprised me! I tried on sizers and spoke about different profiles. I’ve been recommended TSX which are ultra high profile, but I’m worried they are too narrow for the amount of CC I’m thinking of getting. Perhaps between 300cc and 340? This is still to be decided. So as the profiles of the implants get higher, their projection is more, but their diameter is smaller. I always thought I had quite a gap in between them but Mr Meleagros says it only seems that way as they aren't that filled out but are normal. On the 14th July I’m going back, bringing along Jacqueline one of my close friends to help me pick a size. Trying on sizers was surreal for me, looking down and seeing something there. Feeling and realising what boobs felt like! The implants were softer than I expected. Trying them on made me realise how high my boobs sit, making me realise I couldn’t go too big, well not that I’d want to. I’m hoping to be a C, but not a 30C as that’s not much of an increase, think in terms for a 32C.

When trying on sizers they give you a unpadded bra to wear, you put the sizers into the cups and then wear the provided fitted vest. I found it hard to image how they’d look with this top though, so a top tip, bring some of your own clothes to see how they’d look in things you’re more familiar with wearing. Also bring pictures of how you'd like them to look to help the surgeon visualise your desired look. On the 14th I’m also having my pre op with the nurse as surgery has been booked for the 26th! I really am so excited and reassured with Sarah’s results. I’ve told my close friends and they are excited for me too. Now I’m letting you all know and I hope you’re also excited for me.

Other posts you'll see from me is a vlog on my second channel starting from the second consultation and following the whole journey. From my experience of looking up other people's journeys on youtube, sometimes it’s hard to find the video which answers your questions or worries when having it divided into separate videos, so I thought having it all in one video would be better. I’ll have time markers in the description box to help guide people to certain sections and all info listed in the description too. There will be one more blog post to show before and afters.

Now I know surgery isn’t for everyone, and that’s completely fine. People have their own opinions, but I still hope those who don’t agree still understand and respect my decision. I’ve also done this in video form if you’d like more of a voice explaining this all to you which I will embedded below.
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Urban Lights

Sunglasses / Quay Australia
Dress / Cheap Monday, similar here
Belt / Topshop
Trainers / Nike
Rings / Bloody Mary Metal, The Rogue & Wolf & Dominique Lucas
Photos by Yanin

Originally we ventured to the Urban Lights one evening after I tried my first Korean BBQ (which is amazing I might add), it was full of people and the atmosphere was electric.. sorry I just had to. I'd seen it in people's vlogs on YouTube and I'd always wanted to check it out for myself! 
Got this snap of me there that night, but I knew I wanted to return during the day to get an outfit shot. 

Luckily when we went there was no one there in the day! I thought this classic outfit would be set off well against the starkness of the lights. I love the mix of chic style from the dress and my hair up paired with the casual yet clean look of the trainers. Since I got those Nikes I wear them SO MUCH! At first I wasn't sure what they'd go with, but they are so easy to style!

Are you into styling up trainers this season?

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How to Pink to Purple ombre with LIVE

I wanted to say a massive thank you for such a positive reaction to my custom colour I did in collaboration with Schwarzkopf LIVE, a lot have even said it's one of the favourite looks I've done to date! Lots of you have also asked to see how I achieved my custom pastel pink to purple colour and now I can share the how-to video I filmed with LIVE with you guys! This was so much fun to do and I'm so happy with the final video, let me know what you guys think!

I love both my previous pink and purple colours and thought it would be amazing to mix both into a fresh new look. This is so easy to maintain yourself at home as colours are easily available in so many stores. People always ask me where I get my hair coloured and are impressed that I do it myself at home, it's really easy to do too.

A top tip for achieving a pastel shade is to make sure you start off with only mixing a small amount of colour with conditioner first. Mix well to see the colour and add more if needed until it's how you want it. See how to section your hair and how to colour in my video below!
This post was kindly sponsored by Schwarzkopf LIVE

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Laser Hair Removal at Silk Skin Laser Care, Test patch & 1st treatment

I was once told that laser hair removal is addictive, I didn't really understand what they meant until I had my legs done. The ease of being hair free is indeed addictive, it's so convenient and one less thing to think about.

Now I am getting my underarms done at Silk Skin Laser Care in London, they are the only clinic on Harley street to use the high spec Dueto Mt, these lasers are also supplied to the NHS too. The machine blows constant cold air to cool the skin, then in bursts the laser shoots targeting down to the hair's root to kill it.

Before starting the treatment I came in for a consultation and test patch to see how my skin would react. The following week I was back for my 1st session, oh my the procedure is so quick! Well I guess it is only a small area. It feels like very quick bursts of heat and something hitting your skin. On some areas I didn't even feel it, on others it's a short sharp needle/nipping sort of sensation. It's hard to describe! The right underarm was completely fine, but my left for some reason was more sensitive, especially around the middle area, I did find this quite intense and flinched away. The nurse stopped straight away and reduced the laser's intensity, then I was completely fine. Afterwards an ice pack is applied to the skin to cool it down and then aloe vera gel. You are told to avoid putting anything on the area. I carried on my day completely as normal.

10 days later I was back for a follow up session to help get the hairs growing at around the same sort of speed. Same routine as the 1st session, so quick and I didn't flinch at all this time!

My next session is in 6 weeks time. After every session they've contacted me to see how I'm getting on :) I got to speak to another of their clients who was in the waiting room, she was telling me all the areas she was getting done. She told me she just wished she got it done when she was younger.

Read a review of Silk Skin Laser Care by Vogue here! What a thing for them to boast about hey.

So here's a before of how my underarms look for a reference as I go through the treatments. I'd stopped epilation of this area and now only shave. 

For laser hair removal you need there to be a root for the laser to kill. If you're pulling out the hairs you are pulling out the roots.

In these pictures I've just shaved, but you can see dots of the hairs still. As I progress through the sessions I expect this to lessen and the area to appear more even. Some areas look clear, these are areas which had epilation before and so there are currently no hairs.
I mentioned to Silk Skin Laser Care that so many of you expressed interest in laser hair removal and they thought it would be a great idea to let one of you have 1 free session to see how it is for yourself! This is worth £120 if the area chosen was the underarm. If any of you would like to have a package of laser hair removal you can get them in 6 or 8 sessions, use code "Leanne" for 10% off!

On to the giveaway! This is only open to people living in the UK, the winner has to be able to travel to London to their clinic on Harley Street. You must be 18 and over to enter.
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Nasty Gals Do it Better

 Suede Fringe Jacket c/o / Nasty Gal
Crop top c/o / Nasty Gal
Denim Shorts c/o / Nasty Gal
Bag c/o / Nasty Gal
Jeffrey Campbell Boots / Nasty Gal
Necklace c/o Bloody Mary Metal
Fang Ring / Kasun London
Tear drop ring c/o / Tessellate co.
Silver ring c/o / Primrose Hill
Photos by Yanin

If you follow me on my social platforms you'd of seen that whilst in LA Yanin and I got to visit the Nasty Gal HQ! It was a little quiet around that time as Coachella happened and so a few staff had taken the wise choice of booking some holiday to recover aha. We were shown around the offices and gifted a whole new outfit!

All items I chose were from their own brand (not including the shoes), and how amazing is that jacket! Quite a heavy piece as it's real suede and from all that fringing, it goes right across from one arm to the other. As it's quite an out there piece I kept the top and shorts very simple, but hey I had to choose a fluffy bag too!

The shoes, oh the shoes! I bought these in the Nasty Gal store down in Santa Monica. Back in the day I was obsessed with Jeffrey Campbell, I guess over the years they'd fallen off my radar, but they are back on for sure after seeing these beauties! Another style I'm lusting over, well two more pairs, these cut out boots and these buckle pair. Okay I may have just ordered the buckle pair, oppsy <3

Have you ever bought anything from Nasty Gal?

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